Essential Oil Blends

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Thou Shall not Stress

Demons be gone. The ultimate daybreak and easy head relief for the morning after... Therapeutic properties that caress and soothe the soul into a sense of enlightenment and heavenly bliss.

Half Baked

Peaceful and tranquil - kitchen mix. A fruity floral scent with a slightly earthy edge. Helpful with the ease of relaxing anxiety and stress. For maximum relaxation.

Mental Floss

Sweet, floral, and herbaceous. Enriched with ingredients to free one from life’s pressures. and stabilize the nerves. Benefiical to a healthy mind and soul. Helpful in remaining alert.

Tranquility I and II

Serene and refreshing. Our most calming and relaxing mix. A harmonious blend - created in which each level steps up more and more feelings of a soothing tranquility that helps with inner peace.

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Tangerine Dream

A sweet aroma that bursts with a candy citrus scent. Just a few drops in an oil diffuser and in no time the room fills with the most wonderful and delightful aroma. Tangy orange.

Dream a Little Dream

A floral scented explosion that is designed to help one relax and drift away from stress. Specially formulated to help aide with sleep. A most relaxing fragrance that will uplift and soothe the soul.

Lemon Lust

Fresh, lemony, and zesty fragrance with earthy undertones. A tasty aroma that helps relax muscles aches and relieves stress. Reminiscent of lemon drop candy.

Breathe Deep

Cool and refreshing. A wonderful daytime “minty” fragrance with a slight fruity mix. An excellent aide for taking deep breaths and feeling most relaxed in a meditative state.


Hot and Spicy. “Get in the mood” with this super powerful fragrant mix. Warm and soothing cinnamon candy-like scent. -- strong aphrodisiac mix.


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