About Us

Kelly Hutchison
Kelly is a listed artist who has been working professionally at it for two decades.  He designs all of the packaging and promotional materials for Head Candy for the Soul and has a sincere appreciation for aromatherapy and enjoys using an oil diffuser to "set the mood" while he creates and paints.

Mike Corsaro
Mike has an extensive sales background, a ton of charisma, and is a natural alchemist.  He is the mastermind behind each Head Candy for the Soul Essential Oil blend.  He is also a father, beer connoisseur and loves people and fine food.


Head Candy for the Soul - Essential Oils

essential oil

       We are a small, independent company located in San Diego, California.  All of our products are manufactured and packaged by hand with the utmost care.  We aim at providing products which are therapeutic, uplifting, and healthy.

       Our essential oils are 100% all natural.  Many of the air fresheners, perfumes, and oils on the market today contain chemicals, dyes, and other components which are known to be harmful to your health.  Additionally, they can be expensive and only cover up odors or give off an aroma for a short period of time - not to mention you are limited on the ways that you can use the product and have a good chance at getting a headache, breathing problem, or some other ailment from use.

       With our products, a little goes a long way.  There are many different ways our essential oils can be used, whether in a spray bottle, diffuser, or other method, and they all smell wonderful! So good in fact, that the therapeutic benefits can be sensed immediately.  Every effort has been made to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing any of these great qualities, and as a result, our prices are much lower than even the most comparable leading brands.  We also make two slightly different versions of each scent for your enjoyment, so you really end up with two times the amount of product for the price of one!  We value our customers and also encourage wholesalers and retailers to contact us for special pricing.



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